Bobo Cash ($BOBO)

Bobo Cash ons only available on Ethereum (ERC20). Do not buy tokens on other chains. Always verify the contract address below, to avoid fake tokens!

Ticker: Bobo Cash

Chain: Ethereum (ERC20)
Automatic Redistribution: 4% of every transaction
Automatic Burn: 1% of every transaction

Token Distribution

Total Supply: 1 Trillion (1,000,000,000,000)
Burned: 50% of total supply burned
Liquidity: 35% of the total supply has been added to Uniswap as liquidity and locked for 4,20 years.
(Source: Unicrypt)
Marketing Reserves (Vested): 10% are locked in a vested contract. Over the next two years, the supply will be released linear with every block minted
Team (Locked): 5% are locked for one year and then released linear over 18 months.